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Executive Coaching Company

Executive Coaching Company

Achieve with the help of ECCO's Corporate, Leadership, Executive and Personal Coaching

Executive Coaching

Inspired and motivated individuals, leaders and teams differentiate outstanding organisations from their competitors. Achieving and maintaining unrivalled standards may seem an impossible dream. Investing in coaching provides the platform to empower employees, enhance and develop leadership skills and give the organisation measurable advantage and a significant competitive edge.

Coaching supports people and teams to perform to the peak of their abilities. It involves drawing out people's strengths, helping them to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs in order to achieve their personal best.

As a client of ECCO you will:

open your mind to the possibilities and gain focus on what matters most
discover your true potential and take control of your future

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" - George Bernard Shaw

The Executive Coaching Company is based in Warwickshire, England however the area we cover for coaching is extensive. Many of our coaching clients are based overseas or are inaccessible other than by telephone. Even though we have never met some of our coaching clients, we get to know them just as well through our extensive coaching systems and via telephone. Some of our coaches actually prefer to coach over the telephone and our clients get exactly the same results as those we meet in person.

Top 10 Reasons Executives Choose to Work with an Executive Coach

- Coaching increases confidence and skills in business development
- Coaching helps in guiding organisational change / growth
- Coaching helps reduce stress, eliminate fear and balance work with personal life
- Coaching enhances the executives ability to influence and inspire others
- Coaching develops leadership skills and a coaching style for achievement of breakthrough results
- Your coach is a sounding board for strategic decisions and company direction
- Your coach will help you to improve the culture of the company / organisation, or simply help you to improve your relationships with others
- Coaching helps improve time management, through focus on the issues that matter most
- Your coach will help you improve communication and presentation skills
- Coaching provides an objective source for feedback and ideas

Next Steps

To confidentially discuss your needs or the needs of your organisation, feel free contact us.

Telephone: +44(0) 1789 459146 / 0845 1668741



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