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Executive Coaching Company

Executive Coaching Company


To compliment the coaching programmes - one to one mentoring provides a sounding board for senior executives to fully explore their ideas, appreciate the possible outcomes and move forward with confidence.

It can be lonely at the top and on your way to the top

Not sure of those in the organisation you can totally trust to give you unbiased, non-judgemental advice when you need it most?

Having a confidential sounding board from outside the organisation can help you to deliver the results you most want, mentor will challenge your assumptions and provide you with new options.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the best possible chance to succeed?

 A mentor will listen, challenge and help you review your progress!

There is a general acceptance that most people achieve better levels of professional success if they have the guidance and help of a mentor; someone with whom they can discuss their plans, aspirations and hopes for the future.

Whatever your career, personal and professional goals - mentoring can help you achieve them.

Mentoring for Professional Development

The responsibility for your development lies with you, but the active support of a wise and trusted mentor, can be extremely helpful at particular times, for example, in the early stages of a career change.

A mentor can help establish a development plan, with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timed) goals. Regular review meetings will be arranged to assess progress. The mere fact of a forthcoming meeting helps the individual to focus on achieving targets. The mentor might also give the mentee the opportunity to try out, in confidence, a range of ideas and methods of working before having to make final decisions on their implementation.

Benefits of Mentoring to a Mentee :

  • Mentoring enhances career and business development
  • Mentoring influences attitude and behaviour
  • Mentoring improves results by challenging assumptions

The benefits of Mentoring to Organisations :

  • Mentoring provides better retention of quality staff
  • Mentoring supports productivity and the performance
  • Mentoring reduces off-job training costs
  • Mentoring helps improve relationships, communication, commitment and motivation
  • Mentoring is a cost-effective means of staff development
  • Mentoring is a stabilising factor in times of change

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