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Executive Coaching Company

1/2 or full day course |

Team building workshops

After an initial "training needs analysis" we will deliver a detailed training proposal for your consideration. In-Company team-building workshops at a venue and time of your choice and reflecting your Company culture, goals and values.

Who should attend?

New team members and leaders or any team requiring more motivation or undergoing significant change.


To provide a motivational team building event designed to address the main issues and challenges facing group leaders and team members. To facilitate customised training and coaching to significantly improve the team’s communication and effectiveness.


The main challenges faced by the organisation/group will be addressed and might include:
  • Clarifying and extending the role of team members
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges
  • Defining strategic direction and mission statement and gain understanding of how these impact the group
  • Problem solving and decision making strategies
  • Identifying the support/additional resources/training/coaching required by the team
  • Aligning company values with personal values

Team Building Half day programme including but not limited to:
  • Company aims and objectives
  • The role of the team
  • Handling change
  • Introduction to the “coaching model”
  • SMART goals and objectives
  • Motivational factors
  • Action plan formulation
  • Judger versus learner model

Benefits and outcomes

  • Introduction to a new learning and development framework
  • Improved awareness and confidence
  • Improved strategic focus and ability to impact on the Company’s longer term goals
  • Coaching-mentoring staff development style featuring the creation of an environment in which new ways of working are encouraged resulting in:
  • improved service delivery
  • enhanced morale and greater job satisfaction
    higher levels of trust
  • optimised staff deployment and contribution Identification of key motivational factors and performance indicators to enhance performance and organisational success

1 day course |

Effective Networking

"It's not what you know, it's who you know"
Power networking designed to skyrocket you and your business.
A practical and experiential one day course including the basics of body language, powerful questions to develop your potential client base, the opportunity to develop your winning "elevator speech" and some fun exercises to powerfully enhance your network.

“I would like to thank you for the great networking event. I really enjoyed it, the interaction with others – helping others to network – thank you”

Who should attend?

You dread the thought of networking or feel that you are being left behind by more outgoing, perhaps less capable colleagues.
You are a successful professional who believes their professional skills should be enough to attract clients.
You would like to expand your current network for the benefit of your business.


Getting into a “peak state” to network.
Understanding the purpose of networking.
Using networking as a strategy to achieve desired outcomes.
The importance of listening.
Ideal clients – they’re out there somewhere.
Building rapport for lasting relationships.
Top tips for networkers.
Every delegate will have the opportunity to build a networking plan structured to their own specific needs.

Benefits and outcomes

Find out why some people love to network (it’s fun)!
Realise your full potential in business and in social situations.
Practical methods of enhancing networking skills.
The do’s and don’ts of networking
Find your natural way to attract clients to you and enjoy the process.
Build your self confidence for both business and social advantage.

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